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Guinness World Record Broken at Arcade Expo 2015

By Posted in - Events & Pinball News on February 25th, 2015 0 Comments

WE BROKE THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORD on JANUARY 17, 2015 with 331 people playing pinball simultaneously.

On January 16-18, 2015 in Banning, California, Arcade Expo was held at the Museum of Pinball, and thousands of pinballers and video game enthusiasts were on hand. In preparation for the event, we submitted our application for a Guinness World Record to break the record for the “most people playing pinball simultaneously.”

We wanted to break the record in order to:
• Generate interest in the Arcade Expo.
• Ensure that our attendees had a memorable experience.
• Promote the future of pinball as a family-friendly activity.

While Billy Mitchell and Walter Day (official witnesses) were overseeing the entrance, 332 participants entered the pinball room while stewards were strategically placed around the room to watch the process.

At 1:13pm on January 17th, 2015, the announcer gave the signal for everyone to start their game at the exact same time. While everyone was playing and completing one game, Billy Mitchell and Walter Day walked the entire pinball room to re-count each person and ensure that all machines were functioning properly (in conjunction with the oversight of the stewards).

Although 332 participants turned in their participant slip and entered the room to play, one machine malfunctioned during gameplay. Therefore, 332 plunged the first ball at the same time, and Billy Mitchell and Walter Day confirmed that 331 people finished the game. After everyone’s game was completed, we gathered on one side of the room for a group photo. Billy Mitchell and Walter Day then counted all 332 participant slips on camera and verified (on camera) the record at 331 participants.

Guinness World RecordCLICK HERE
Photos of the EventCLICK HERE

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